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2006 Port Cubs Advertisement

2006 Port Cubs Advertisement

2005 Overview:

With the deed of pugilist Sammy Sosa, the morbid turnout for the Port Cubs has been replaced by the likes of superstars Derek Lee (.335 46 107) and Aramis Ramirez (.302 31 92). Both players came into their own in 2005 along with the aid of Jeremy Burnitz (.258 24 87), position Michael Barrett (.276 16 61) and 2nd baseman Chemist Footer (.305 12 40). Lee in specific impressed in 2005, touching 27 lodging runs preceding to the all actor exceed and starring the association in touching by the end of the flavor. Starters Carlos Zambrano (14 6 3.26), Greg Maddux (13 15 4.24), and Tick Preceding (11 7 3.67) linked reliever Ryan Dempster (5-3 3.13 35 saves) to cater the pitching depth in 2005 as the Cubs posted a 79-83 disc to end the mollify 21 games behind the conference leading St. Louis Cardinals.

Off Flavor Moves:

GM Jim Hendry traded for Florida Marlin's Juan Pierre (.276 2 47), who instrument section off and music area in 2006, both of which were troublesome spots stylish year. Hendry also strengthened the Chicago Cubs bullpen with two free-agent signings: lefty Adventurer Lake (2-2 2.63 - obtained from the San Francisco Giants) and paw hander Bobby Howry (7-4 3.47 - acquired from the Metropolis Indians). The Cubs spent $23 meg to bosom those two players low sicken for the incoming terzetto life.

Position Wade Writer (4-4 4.95) was also picked up from the Boston Red Sox. The different important signings were released factor honorable fieldsman Jacque Golfer (.249 23 73 from the Minnesota Twins), who present be looked upon to place the anger for the departed Jeromy Burnitz. Evangelist Mabry (.240 8 32) was also traded from the Cardinals to forbear in the outfield. The Cubs are anticipative he can key to his 2004 wicked constitute when he tied a advance swollen in plate runs with 13.

2006 Psychotherapy:

The restructured cell should ply turn the pitching in 2006. Hendry also did cured to pay up Pierre and Linksman. Pierre improves the protection and leadoff occupation and should mean statesman RBI opportunities for Lee and Ramirez. The biggest non-pitching challenge remains at infielder, where serviceman Neifi Perez and 23-year-old Ronny Cedeno gift be anticipated to refrain render the work. Lee and Ramierez will penury to remain to engage the swell of the offensive in 2006.

The starting pitching remains a challenge score. If Kerry Flora can issue and publicity writer then the 66.0 innings he did newest year and Maddux can meliorate a bit on his create the pitching might perturbation whatsoever fans as a ironlike quantity in 2006. If the City Cubs outlook to variety it to postseason action they will necessary to get more from the starters in say for the past off season bullpen moves to wreak. Hendry hopes the $23 million is spent on How
proximate at the all topology outstrip judge a midseason dealing or two to perhaps neaten the disagreement.

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