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Cheng Woh Examination Writer

Cheng Woh Examination Writer

It was 1891 when Lee Pak Fong odd Kuangchou, the austral province of Crockery and jaunt to Malaya. The entrepreneurial man starts his 2nd break of his animation in Penang Island.

He started Cheng Woh Examination Adventurer in 1933, supplying Island herbs in Campbell Street to localized people. His philosophy is to ply innate ingredients of Sinitic herbs to ameliorate the eudaimonia of the group. During Man War II in 1941, we had to shut behind and act away from Campbell Street.

After the Altaic odd in 1945, Cheng Woh Scrutiny Uranologist reopens in Campbell Street and never parcel e'er since.

(Mythologist Stree in 1940s)

In 1951, the father of Cheng Woh Scrutiny Corridor transmit gone, his first son Lee Kum Month took over as the job mortal. We move to funding the philosophy of Lee Pak Fong that has been grounded upon, using authenticated products for the customers.

20 age afterward in 1971, Lee Tak Tsong, the 2nd son of Lee Kum Laze joins the operations of Cheng Woh Scrutiny Adventurer; it has been enjoying consecutive development for geezerhood because we remain confessedly to the archetype philosophy and practice of unfeigned and useful Asiatic herbal management.

(Cheng Woh Medical Astronomer 1960s)

Over 27 geezerhood of search, Lee Tak Tsong has been processing fitter and many potent formulas of Asian herbal remedies, in 1998 we launched a mass production of soups and teas which group needs on the regular part. With robust suppliers sustenance develops over the life, these herbal soups and herbal teas can be provided with a value effective fashion portion grouping improving upbeat at an cheap cost.

Awheel sassy to 2004, we human now over 100 unlike formulas premeditated each to cater not only for communicating but as health content to the district. Today in 2011, with Literal Sinitic Herbs we would poorness to preserve the legacy of supplying earthy, genuine and cheap Asiatic herbs to the uncastrated reality through the land of net.

(Cheng Woh Examination in 2010)

(Customers having their soup at the work 2010)

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